Maintenance advice | BladeArmour

BLADEARMOUR has every confidence in the high quality of its products, and guarantees their prompt replacement (excepting temporary unavailability) in the event of:
– Any manufacturing defect which prejudices the functionality of the product
– Breakage caused by a manufacturing defect or by an inherent defect in the material.
BLADEARMOUR products are covered by a 2-year guarantee from the time they are acquired by the initial purchaser. The guarantee does not cover damage due to wear and tear and oxidation, which can be avoided with careful cleaning and maintenance. To make use of this guarantee, you are asked to send us the defective goods together with the receipt for the original purchase. In the event that BLADEARMOUR is able to ascertain the presence of any defect, the defective part will be substituted free of charge and the company will pay the costs of returning the product.

Where a client wishes to have repairs carried out, BLADEARMOUR is able to offer a customer service which specialises in the repair and substitution of damaged parts. The client will be informed of the costs of the operation once we receive the product. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the client. BLADEARMOUR products are made exclusively by hand using the best raw materials available on the market. Such materials, however, are produced exclusively with the use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable processes. The tanning processes exclude the use of chemical substances harmful to the environment (hexavalent chromium), and the colouring activities are carried out by hand using water-based paints and natural colours. It is completely normal that:
1. During the packaging phase, even in the context of the same product kit and the same colour, there should be very slight variations in shade between the different parts.
2. The colouring may alter slightly with use, allowing the product to take on a vintage look, and so giving it a pleasing appearance. We suggest a few maintenance guidelines to ensure your sheath serves you well and enjoys a long operating life.
All parts of the BLADEARMOUR sheath are fully detachable, so if you wish to maintain your BLADEARMOUR sheath correctly, first dismantle it and then treat it with the cleaning and maintenance product provided with the kit. Apply the gel evenly to all surfaces, using a small sponge or cloth. Wait 10 minutes for the gel to be absorbed. Rub the dry parts with a cotton cloth to remove any excess gel.
If the BLADEARMOUR becomes wet, when you have finished your activity, remove the BLADEARMOUR sheath and leave it to dry naturally in a dry well-ventilated place. Do not expose it to any heat sources (for example, radiators, stoves or ovens).
After the sheath has dried, carry out the correct maintenance procedure as outlined above.